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skateboarding ect.
Instructions Page

On this page, I'll include one or more tips on sk8boarding

remember no mater what ppl say SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.


for pop shovit(S) you put your foot over the edge of the tail and then you slap down the tail and take the foot you slaped down with and kick it to the lef or right side of your body(depends if your trying backside or front side)
the board should go under u and do a pop shovit either 180 or 360 (depends on how hard u kick it)

okI'll try to make my instructions easy first how to do and land a kick flip

1. place the foot that u dont push off with over the left side of the board. you slap the back down for an olie and slide the foot that is hanging off a littel bit and kick.
3.when u kick make sure that u jump so the board can flip. soon as the board flips over to the grip try to grt your feet on the board.but in order to do that make sure that u kick the boaed hard enough for it 2 flip over to the grip 1 time and 1 time only

how to do a 360 flip and a hillflips

''360 flip''
1. put the foot that u push off w/over the tail of the board as if u were going to do a pop shovit

2.put the other foot over the left side of the board as if you were going to do a kickflip

3.take the foot thats over the tail and make it do a pop shovit and take the other foot and make it do a kick flip

4. make sure that u jump

5.this might seem like a hard trick but its not as hard as u think it is.

6. now go and bust out some moves

''hillflips'' the foot that u dont push off with over the right end of the board make sure that ur foot is in the middle of the board.

2.go for the olie and kick the board out.

3.dont forget to jump when u do it .

4. now landing is not that hard if the board is under you you should be able to land if its on the other side of the street then u kicked it 2 hard so kick softer.

5.go out and try ur best

and dont think that your going to land it the first time cuz u wont most likely

have fun with your new tricks